What is an Employee Assistance Program?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a psychological service that an employer provides to their employees, free of charge. The aim of the service is to support the mental well-being of the employee in the workplace, as well as in their personal lives. Information from the session is not shared with the employer and the employee can choose to be kept anonymous from their employer when using their EAP.

Why should you use your EAP?

Benefits of an EAP for employees:
– A boost in overall work productivity
– Less sick leave or stress leave being taken
– Conflicts with colleagues and management resolved
– Improved relationship with employer
– Improved job satisfaction
– A boost in general well-being

Benefits of an EAP for managers:
– Increased performance of employees in the workplace
– Increased employee retention
– Your employees feel cared for
– Improved relationships with your employees
– You spend less time trying to solve issues that are beyond your skillset
– Employees take less time off work

Years of expertise

Why should you choose us as your Employee Assistance provider?

At Logic Lounge Psychology, we believe that everyone is different and unique in their own way. That is why we have tailored our approach to suit your employee’s needs.

With over 30 Psychologists to choose from, at 7 locations around Sydney, there is someone for everyone here at Logic Lounge. Our Psychologists have a combined 320+ years of experience and come from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

With our consultation prices starting at $150 per session, we are one of the cheapest Employee Assistance providers on the market.

We offer:
– Psychological assessment for adults, children, couples and families.
– A dedicated administration team to make your experience more efficient.
– Highly experienced Psychologists, from diverse walks of life
– The option to choose from 7 locations across Sydney
– EAP material to distribute to your employees

Languages: English; Arabic; Cantonese; Mandarin; Dari; Farsi; Persian; Hindi; Urdu and Japanese.

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