Batu Erinc Oguz


Batu is a provisional psychologist who has been in private practice since 2019. Over the course of his training he has become experienced in treating depression and anxiety, relationship difficulties, post-traumatic stress disorder, and panic disorder, and has worked with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, from adolescents to older adults. He uses a variety of approaches and modalities, and works closely with his clients to tailor treatment appropriately and establish a warm therapeutic relationship and common language. His approach borrows from CBT, ACT, IPT and Schema Therapy to understand clients’ difficulties in context but address them in the present.

Having grown up in Australia, Turkey and Scotland, and interacted from a young age with a broad variety of people, Batu maintains an awareness of and curiosity towards individuals’ lives, backgrounds and worldviews, and how difficulties in mental health often occur within these contexts.

Outside of the therapeutic context, he has a longstanding interest in literature and the humanities, including fiction, folklore, history, and psychoanalysis. He also appreciates the importance of physical activity, and the intimate relation between physical and mental health. His activities of choice tend to be reading, rock climbing and hiking with friends.

Batu holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Glasgow (2016), and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University (2017).

Consultations are $60 for 50 minutes, with no Medicare rebates.

Practices at: Gladesville Psychology Clinic

Edwina Cowdrey


Edwina is an Experienced Psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in Private Practice, NGO’s and Corporate Psychology. She has been a Supervisor of Intern 4+2 and 5+1 Psychologists since 2009 with all interns gaining full registration.

She set up the Psychology Practice for Barwon Division of General Practice in Rural and Remote NSW.

She is skilled in Panic Disorders, Anger Management, Anxiety Management, Relationship Counselling, workplace bullying, Stress Management and is Sira (WorkCover) accredited. Strong healthcare services professional with a Graduate Diploma in Psychological Practice focused in Psychology from College of Professional Psychology degrees from Drake University and Sydney University in Science Psychology.

Edwina has a philosophy of inclusion regardless of race, colour or creed and as a Manager believes in supporting her staff in having an inclusive and safe working environment where all clinicians have a chance to thrive and extend their skills.

As a therapist she is passionate about her work but recognises that each client needs a unique professional that suits THEM and this is not always her therefore as a manager she would endeavour to find the co-worker who would be the best fit for the client.

Consultations are $150 for 50 minutes, with Medicare rebates of $88.25.

Practices at: Gladesville Psychology Clinic & Hornsby Psychology Clinic